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August 10th,

Blue Tree Transatlântico Convention Center
Av. Cecília Lottenberg, 130 - Chácara Santo Antônio, São Paulo - SP

About the event

The meeting, which has already become a milestone in the sector’s calendar, aims to outline perspectives for Brazilian livestock, promote market analysis, and generate opportunities for the sector. The event also promotes debates around beef consumption habits and evolution, as well as good production practices, new technologies, public policies, and quality indicators that assist in the decision-making of the livestock sector while also integrating all links of the chain.

The Livestock Forum Brazil is attended mainly by livestock producers, meet industry representatives, service providers, suppliers of inputs and equipment, class entities, representatives from the public sector, and representatives from the financial market.


August 10th, 2023

  • Speakers:

    Plinio Nastari, President, DATAGRO, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Mauricio Velloso, President, ASSOCON Association of Intensive Livestock, Goias, Brazil.

    Oswaldo Furlan, President, GPB Association, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Cesário Ramalho da Silva, Agribusiness Coordinator, ACSP – São Paulo Commercial Association, and Former President, SRB, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Floriano Pesaro, Corporate Management Director, Apex, Brasília, Brasil. (Invited)

    Jorge Viana, President, Apex, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Sérgio Bortolozzo, President, Sociedade Rural Brasileira, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Antonio Julio Junqueira de Queiroz, Secretary of State for Agriculture and Supply of the State of Sao Paulo, Secretary of Agriculture and Supply of the State of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Carlos Fávaro, Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Marina Silva, Minister of State, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, Governor of the State of São Paulo, State Government of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator:

    Luiz Roberto Zillo, Zootechnician, Livestock Consultant, DATAGRO, Associate, DATAGRO Financial, Sao Paulo, Brazil.



    João Otávio de Assis Figueiredo, Economist and Research Leader at DATAGRO Pecuária, DATAGRO, Sao Paulo, Brasil.



  • Moderator:

    João Otávio de Assis Figueiredo, Economist and Research Leader at DATAGRO Pecuária, DATAGRO, Sao Paulo, Brasil.



    Eduardo Pedroso, Executive Director of Origination, Friboi JBS, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Pedro Bordon, Comercial and Marketing Director, Frigol, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Guilherme Oranges, Commercial Director, Barra Mansa Alimentos, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

    Sergio De Zen, Business Intelligence Director, Minerva Foods, São Paulo, Brazil.


  • Moderator:

    Guilherme Moraes, National Marketing Manager – Pasture, IHARA, Sao Paulo, Brazil.



    Caio Penido, President, IMAC, Mato Grosso, Brazil.

    Fernando Sampaio, Director of Sustainability, ABIEC, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  • Moderator:

    Guilherme Nastari, Director, DATAGRO, Sao Paulo, Brazil.



    Breno Maia, Commodities Broker, Necton, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Leandro Bovo, Director, Radar Investimentos, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Leonardo Alencar, Equity Research, XP Investimentos, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  • Moderator: 

    Guilherme Jank, Analyst, DATAGRO, Sao Paulo, Brazil.



    Michel Torteli, COO, FinPec, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Paulo Dancieri, CEO, Bovexo, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Louis Gourbin, Head of Commodities, B3, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  • Moderator: 

    Rogério Goulart, Editor and Cattle Breeder, Carta Pecuária, Dourados, Brazil.



    Victor Campanelli, Executive Director, Campanelli, Bebedouro, Brazil.

    Florêncio De Queiroz Neto, Director, Grupo Queiroz de Queiroz, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    Mauricio Moller, CEO, Ypoti, Paraguay.


Breno Maia

Commodities Broker, Necton

Caio Penido

President, IMAC

Cesário Ramalho

Agribusiness Coordinator, ACSP

Eduardo Pedroso

Executive Director of Origination, Friboi JBS

Fernando Sampaio

Director of Sustainability, ABIEC

Florêncio de Queiroz Neto

Director, Grupo Queiroz de Queiroz

Guilherme Jank

Analyst, DATAGRO

Guilherme Moraes

National Marketing Manager – Pasture, IHARA

Guilherme Nastari

Director, DATAGRO

Guilherme Oranges

Commercial Director, Barra Mansa Alimentos

João Otávio Figueiredo

Economist and Research Leader, DATAGRO Pecuária

Leandro Bovo

Director, Radar Investimentos

Leonardo Alencar

Equity Research, XP Investimentos

Louis Gourbin

Head of Commodities, B3

Luiz Carlos Queiroga Cavalcanti

President, Sindalcool-BA

Luiz Fernando Pereira de Melo

President, Sindaçúcar-PI

Luiz Roberto Zillo

Executive Director, SRB, Executive Director, GPB, Livestock Consultant of the DATAGRO Live Cattle Index, Associate, DATAGRO Financial

Maurício Möller

CEO, Ypoti

Mauricio Velloso

President, ASSOCON Association of Intensive Livestock

Michel Torteli

COO, FinPec

Oswaldo Furlan

President, GPB Association

Paulo Dancieri Filho

CEO, BovExo

Pedro Bordon

Commercial and Marketing Director, Frigol

Plinio Nastari

President, DATAGRO

Rogério Goulart

Editor and Cattle Breeder, Carta Pecuária

Sérgio Bortolozzo

President, Sociedade Rural Brasileira

Sérgio De Zen

Business Intelligence Director, Minerva Foods

Victor Campanelli

Executive Director, Campanelli

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