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March 8th and 9th,

Ribeirão Preto - SP
Taiwan Centro de Eventos - Av. Dr. Francisco Gugliano, 2710

About the event

The  SANTANDER DATAGRO Opening Crop – Cane, Sugar and Ethanol is considered one of the main events in the sector, gathering businesspeople and executives from sugar mills, sugarcane producers, suppliers, and political leaders to debate and present innovative analyses on the current sugarcane crop.


The 7th DATAGRO Opening Crop – Cane, Sugar and Ethanol will take place in the city of Ribeirão Preto, SP, in March of 2023, in a hybrid format.


The event will bring an evaluation of the 2022/23 crop, estimates for 2023/24, debates on the global market fundamentals, ESG – sustainability of the sector, technology in agriculture, and matters of production financing and the internationalization of the use of ethanol.


In its last edition, held in hybrid form, the event brought together more than 30 speakers and more than 1200 attendees.


March 8th

  • Plinio Nastari, President, DATAGRO, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Carlos Fávaro, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Marina Silva, Minister of Environment, Ministry of Environment, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Tarcísio de Freitas, Governor of the State of São Paulo, State Government of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Antonio Julio Junqueira de Queiroz, Secretary of State for Agriculture and Supply, State Secretariat for Agriculture and Supply, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Arnaldo Jardim, President, Parliamentary Front for the Valorization of the Sugarcane Sector, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Antonio Duarte Nogueira, Mayor of Ribeirao Preto, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. (Invited)

    Evandro Gussi, President, UNICA, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Gilberto Duarte de Abreu Filho, Corporate executive vice president, Santander, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Itamar Borges, State Representative, State of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Pedro Lupion, President, Parliamentary Agriculture Front, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Sergio Bortolozzo, President, Brazilian Rural Society, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Nilson Leitão, President, Instituto Pensar Agro, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Rosana Amadeu Silva, President, CEISE, Sertãozinho, Brazil. (Invited)

    Gustavo Rattes Castro, President, ORPLANA, Rio Verde, Brazil. (Invited)

    Paulo Sergio de Marco Leal, President, FEPLANA, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)

    Mario Roberto Opice Leão, CEO, Santander, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator:

    Gustavo Rattes Castro, President, ORPLANA, Rio Verde, Brazil. (Invited)



    Plinio Nastari, President, DATAGRO, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Moderador: 

    Ingo Kalder, Partner, DATAGRO Financial, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)



    Eduardo Sia, Trader, RAÍZEN, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Paulo Torres de Carvalho Ferreira, Senior Trader, LDC, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Gabriela Ribeiro Bosquetti, Commercial Analyst, Usina Aroeira, Tupaciguara – Minas Gerais, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator: 

    Mario Campos, President, SIAMIG e FNS, Brasilia, Brazil. (Invited)



    Marcelo Morandi, Researcher, EMBRAPA, Brasilia, Brazil.

    Marlon Arraes, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brasília, Brazil. (Invited)

    Elder Risso, Trader, SUCDEN, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Convidado)

    Caroline Perestrelo, Corporate Executive Superintendent, Santander, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator: 

    Flavio Castellari, Executive Director, APLA – Local Alcohol Production Arrangement, Piracicaba, Brazil.




    Martin Franzini, Business Director for Sugar and Alcohol, Ledesma, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Invited)

    Denaldy Munino Mauna, Vice President Director, PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) – Plantation Holding Company, Jacarta do Sul, Indonesia. (Invited)


  • Moderator:

    Marcelo Escorel, Entrepreneur, Agro Strategy, São Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)



    Fabio Rezende Barbosa, Partner, RRB, Assis, Brazil. (Invited)

    Cesar Borges Costa, Executive Director, BBM -Bolsa Brasileira de Mercadoria, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Mark Lyra, Senior Director – Energy Innovation, Sumitomo Corporation, New York – USA. (Invited)

  • Moderator:

    Orlando Editore, Associate, DATAGRO Financial, São Paulo, Brazil.



    Gustavo Hermann, President, Koppert Biological Systems, Piracicaba, Brazil. (Invited)

    Danilo Blanco, Operational Manager, PETERSON, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Maria do Carmo Ferrante, Senior Banker Rabobank, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

March 9th

  • Moderator:




    Valmir Barbosa, Senior Consultant, DATAGRO Alta Performance, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.

    Dante Hugo, Director, Usina Japungu, Lerolândia, Santa Rita, Brazil. (Invited)


  • Moderator:

    Arlindo Aprobatto, Agricultural consultant, DATAGRO Alta Performance, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.



    Otavio Tuffi, Partner, Benri Ratings, Piracicaba, Brazil.

    José Alcides, Corporate Agricultural Manager, COFCO, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil. (Invited)

    José Emilio, Ex Professor of agronomy, Federal University of Uberlândia.

  • Moderator:

    Alberto Gomes, Agronomist, DATAGRO Alta Performance, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.



    Cassio Migliorine, Agricultural Manager, CMAA, Uberaba, Brazil. (Invited)

    Mario Guerra, Corporate Harvest Manager, BP Bunge, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

    Luiz Gustavo Teixeira, Agricultural Director, São Martinho S.A., Pradópolis, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator:

    Ruy Toledo Piza, Associate, DATAGRO Financial, Sao Paulo, Brazil.



    Ernani Judice, Partner, Agrion, Uberlandia, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator:




    Marco Alasmar, Technical Director, RAM Automation and Control, Bauru, Brazil.

    Marcos Augusto Pinheiro Donegá, President, ISA, Campinas, Brazil.

    Fernando Cullen, Industrial Technology Advisor, São Martinho S.A., Pradópolis, Brazil.(Invited)

    Rafael Bassetto, Industrial Director, Usina São Manoel, São Manoel, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator:

    Luiz Gustavo Scartezini, Director, Agroind Zilor, Lençóis Paulista, Brazil. (Invited)



    Abel Uchoa, General Director, SJC Bioenergy, Goiania, Goias, Brazil. (Invited )

    Andre Cardines, Production Manager, FS – Bioenergy, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator:

    Joel Soares, Operations Director (COO), Jalles Machado, Goianésia, Brazil. (Invited)



    Eduardo Calichman, Senior Consultant, DATAGRO Alta Performance, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. (Invited)

    Gustavo Leda Mineto, Corporate, Zilor Group, Bauru, Brazil. (Invited)

    Everton Carpanezi, Polo Superintendent, TEREOS, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Invited)

  • Moderator:

    Arlelio Lopes, Professor, UniUDOP, Araçatuba, Brazil. (Invited)



    Fernando Vicente, COO, Usina Alta Mogiana, Sao Joaquim da Barra, Brazil. (Invited)

    Alisson Colonhezi, Industrial Director, CMAA, Uberaba, Brazil. (Invited)

    André Lins Albuquerque, CEO, PENTAGRO, Sao Carlos, Brazil. (Invited)


Alberto Gomes

Agronomist Engineer, DATAGRO

Arlindo Aprobatto

Agricultural consultant, DATAGRO High Performance

Cesar Henrique Costa

Executive Director, BBM – Brazilian Mercantile Exchange

Evandro Gussi

President, UNICA

Flavio Castellari

Executive Director, APLA - Arranjo Produtivo Local do Álcool

Guilherme Nastari

Director, DATAGRO

Marcelo Morandi

Researcher, EMPBRAPA

Marco Alasmar

Technical Director, RAM Automação e Controle

Maria do Carmo Ferrante

Senior Banker, Rabobank, São Paulo - Brazil

Orlando Editore

Associate, DATAGRO Financial

Otávio Tufi

Agricultural Coordinator and Auditor, BENRI Ratings

Dr. Plinio Nastari

President, DATAGRO

Ruy Toledo Piza

Associate, DATAGRO Financial

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